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Criminal Defense For Sex Crimes In Nebraska

Just having a sexual assault charge brought against you can feel overwhelming. There are few cases that tarnish your reputation as quickly and wholly as a sexual crime charge, and we understand that you want to clear your name as soon as possible. From sexual harassment charges to rape and everything in between, we can be by your side to make sure that your voice is heard and you aren’t senselessly dragged through the mud.

The repercussions of a sexual crime case can be life-changing, and we respect the severity of these consequences with each and every type we defend a case of this nature. While the situation may be harrowing, at Courtney Law Office, P.C., L.L.O., our founding attorney, Jeff Courtney, has decades of experience defending clients against serious criminal charges and knows how to navigate these cases.

Thoroughly Prepare For Your Trial With Our Help

Solid defense requires great preparation. Utilize the extensive experience of the legal team at Courtney Law Office, P.C., L.L.O., to create the best defense in your sexual assault, rape or kidnapping case. By finding inconsistencies in accuser’s statements and compiling your alibi, we can expose weaknesses in the prosecution’s case to your benefit.

Defense Against Kidnapping Charges

While the concept of kidnapping invokes incredibly dark and damaging connotations, a great deal of the “kidnappings” that occur throughout the country actually involve divorced parents taking back their children outside of custody laws. Our legal professionals can differentiate between the legal definition of the term kidnapping and the heavily-loaded term more commonly used by society to ensure that you get proper representation in your case. Kidnapping is a gray area of criminal law with very different laws based on the age of the person kidnapped, the state(s) the crime occurs in, and the reason for the crime. Talk to our team about your case so we can weigh these different factors and ensure you get the best possible representation for your situation.

Get The Chance To Explain

In the kidnapping-related matters, there can be many gray lines and events that require lengthy explanations. Without a defense lawyer to support you, it can be difficult to accurately and effectively give your defense and reasoning.

Get Legal Counsel You Trust

Have us represent you aggressively, fairly, and ethically in any court of law in your rape, sexual assault, or kidnapping trial. You’ll be able to see our care and commitment to your welfare and your best interests. No one should suffer because of someone else’s misplaced allegations. Get the best defense possible with Courtney Law Office, P.C., L.L.O. of Omaha.

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