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Criminal Law: Defending Against Accusations Of Domestic Abuse

Our founding criminal law attorney, Jeff Courtney, has decades of experience helping to defend clients in and around Omaha who are accused of domestic violence. At Courtney Law Office, P.C., L.L.O., our legal team knows how to deal with the sensitive topic of domestic abuse with tact and care. With our experience on your side, you can be sure your voice is fully and accurately represented in a court of law. We will work to defend you and your reputation. Learn more about the complex and multifaceted aspects of a domestic abuse case below.

What Constitutes Domestic Abuse?

There are many legal definitions of domestic abuse that include a variety of harmful actions taken against a domestic partner. They include:

  • Physical abuse: The most obvious and common form of domestic violence, physical abuse can include any type of physical distress brought upon the victim and can include sexual assault charges. Hurting someone physically by denying them necessary medical help or forcing them to consume harmful substances also falls into this category.
  • Emotional abuse: Living with another person can sometimes cause stress and pressure to boil over. Hurting someone with words can break them down and make them feel worthless, and this certainly constitutes a form of domestic abuse.
  • Psychological abuse: This form of domestic violence is when a partner uses threats, intimidation or isolation from family and friends to hurt their partner.
  • Economic abuse: Taking control of all the finances in a home so that the other person has no freedom cuts them off from living a normal life and can have terrible results.
Often, the first step in the legal process is when the alleged victim seeks a protective order. This can also drastically affect child custody and visitation concerns. At Courtney Law Office, P.C., L.L.O., we understand the sensitive nature of being charged with a domestic violence crime. We know how being accused of such a crime can damage your reputation in the community. Our attorney has been helping defend clients with criminal matters for decades. We can help if you are the subject of a protective order or are facing criminal domestic violence charges.

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