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There is a wide array of cases that fall under the criminal umbrella. The main defining factor is criminal cases that are not brought by one individual onto another; they are filed by the state or federal government against an individual who has broken a law. Whether you are facing a misdemeanor charge or a more serious felony charge, Courtney Law Office, P.C., L.L.O., in Omaha is here to help you. With our team’s experience on your side, we will fight for justice in your case.

Defending Clients From Criminal Charges

With decades of experience, our attorney, Jim Courtney, handles a wide range of criminal charges. We aim to defend our clients through every major type of criminal charge, including:

  • Murder, homicide and assault: These serious charges need a serious defense. Our legal team thoroughly investigates and prepares a serious defense.
  • DUI, OWI, MIP and drunk driving: DUI and other impaired driving cases can make you lose your license or even face jail time.
  • Drugs: From possession to distribution and manufacturing, our legal team can defend you in your drug-related case.
  • Nebraska drug laws: Every state has a unique set of laws when it comes to substances. Learn more about these specifics today.
  • Domestic violence: Charges of domestic violence can affect custody and visitation arrangements. Our legal team can help you.
  • Sexual assault and kidnapping: These serious accusations can stick with you for the rest of your life if you aren’t defended properly.
  • Federal crimes: White collar crimes and federal drug crimes can be subject to strict sentencing guidelines.
  • Juvenile law: When minors are charged with criminal conduct, an experienced attorney can help negotiate rehabilitative and probationary results.

Our legal team at Courtney Law Office, P.C., L.L.O., works hard to fight on your behalf and prepare a defense on your behalf, no matter what crimes you’ve been accused of committing.

Other Criminal Defense Services

In addition to the major categories listed above, we have also defended clients in Nebraska accused of other criminal charges like:

  • Gun-related charges (concealed carry, etc.)
  • Burglary/theft
  • Criminal immigration cases
  • Traffic violations
  • White collar crimes (fraud, embezzlement, tax evasion, etc.)

Our attorney, Jeff Courtney, has decades of experience. Our legal team at Courtney Law Office, P.C., L.L.O., can help you navigate the criminal justice system.

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